Product Manual

“CamelEasy product, material, components, measurement, quality, specifications and how we work, all are described in this section”

1.0 Introduction

The Cameleasy saddle is manufactured to command, and is adapted to the buyers region to absorb extreme hot conditions in for example the desert, while maintaining a normal temperature. When you leave anything in the  sun, car, any material product it can heat, overheat and catch fire. The camel easy saddle has production brevet features to  not heat up.

2.4 camel measurements
2.4 camel back measurements
2.4 camel front measurements

2.0 The saddle specifications

The saddle is made to generally fit most camelids, the standard specifications are noted below, if you have an excessively large camel dromadaire, and you saddle does not fit, then you need to return it to us and we will make one to fit, once we have received the measurements, how to measure is noted below. 

2.1 – weight without saddle seat cushion, under frame camel cushion and saddle straps is 8.3kg

  • Weight of the saddle frame 5Kg
  • Weight of all cushions and straps 3.3Kg

2.2 The saddle components consist of :

  • A composite of material for strength, camels rolling with saddle can occur, absorb heat, hot temperature, and light in weight 
  • Each saddle is hand made and sized to fil all camelids
2.2 saddle component
2.2 saddle component

The saddle frame must not be fitted onto the camel without the camel protection comfort cushion, some saddles have an under-felt. This must not be removed

2.3 Tailor made saddles and Mounting the saddle

The mounting guide video showing in top section. If the saddle does not fit due to your camelid being excessively big, return the saddle and take the measurements as below, we will then produce one at no extra cost. Do not try and fit the frame without the camel protection cushion, it is not good for the camel and may hurt the animal

2.4 Measuring your camel or dromadaire for a tailor made saddle

Take the photo of your dromadaire, and note on the photo as below the measurements you have taken, send this to us by SMS or email at

2.41 Specifications

Back /hanche, front and side measurements as shown on the photos, from this cameleasy production will build the saddle to specifications

2.4 camel measurements
2.4 camel back measurements
2.4 camel front measurements

3.0 Instruction on mounting the saddle

  • The buyer will receive the saddle boxed and ready to use:-
  • Inside the product manual,
  • The saddle frame will be delivered with the linear, camel protection confort cushion fixed to the frame. If the user detaches the linear and comfort cushion take note:,
  • The linear if one is sent, as not all saddles have this linear,
  • The camel confort and security cushion, and finally the saddle straps

3.1 Mounting instructions

Mount the saddle straight up a vertical line, the camel hump must be visible, and the saddle frame should not touch the camel.

3.2 Saddle Placement

From top the saddle, inside the frame is the linear if ordered, then comes the camel cushion. once attached to the frame, mount the saddle onto the camel and make sure it does not touch the hump ( the frame) and the cushion is seen passing the side of the frame, so the frame does not come into contact with the hump and body.

Once this is good, strap the saddle to the camel and make sure the saddle does not move after. The tightness of the strap should be just enough so the saddle does not move, tighter could hurt the animal or make it uncomfortable, the camel may roll on the ground to seek its comfort. If so the saddle will not be damaged, and then adjust the tightness.

The camel cushion protection, he camel confort and security cushion, and finally the saddle straps.

The camel cushion protection
3.3 The camel cushion protection

The frame that goes over the cushion, or the cushion is under the frame as to say.

The seat cushions that are placed on the seats and straps attached, you good to place the saddle on the dromadaires back

The saddle mounted, this is a photo of a correctly mounted saddle, perfectly horizontal on the animals back

5.1 Mounting help, view the video online at FAQ, or support

5.2 Returns to Cameleasy c/o Bfin sasu 8 rue Dublin 34200 Sete

6.0 Company details

  • Cameleasy Ltd reg number 14310870 at 21-22 Great castle road London Uk, all correspondance to
  • Cameleasy c/o Bfin sasu 8 rue Dublin 34200 Sete, France

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