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Caravan Saddle With Full Accessories Pack


Gobi Camel saddle with straps, stirrups guard nylon belts

Camel saddle with straps

Bambi saddle (Dromadaire calf training saddle)


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The young dromadaire first saddle, normally at 1 to 3 years for training them to carry a CUSHION SEAT that zips onto saddle strap and to dress the dromadaire by a special dromadaire trainer.

The first part of saddle comes without one cushion seat, which can be added once the dromadaire is trained.

The Bambi saddle is delivered with nylon straps, nylon girth special design for dromadaire, and nylon straps. Stirrups guard and nylon belts. The cushion is part of the Bambi saddle pack. The idea is to make the dromadaire accustomed to carrying a saddle, later you can add the cushion seat so a young teenager can ride dromadaire while you walk her holding the reins

Bambi saddle

1st part – saddle without the seat, just the straps

2nd part – the seat cushion ( can be added ) The cushion zips onto the trap

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